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February 9, 2012
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Tagren (Tag) Shepard
Vanguard, Spacer, War Hero.

"Tali… Are you awake?"

"Go away glowworm!" *cough* The quarian engineer sniffed and turned around, wrapping herself tighter into the thick wool blanket, her entire body was shaking from the fever, her head felt like a humming bee-hive, her throat was ticking like she swallowed a fiberglass.

Tag smiled warmly, shaking his head – he knew Tali did not mean it, she simply was sick, and her irritation was normal. He came closer to the double bed she was lying in and took a seat on the edge, gently caressing his lover`s side through the thick blankets. Quarian smiled under the helm, it was nice to feel care of a loved and loving man! Shepard only left when she was sleeping and to speak with Mordin, except that he was always near Tali when she was not feeling well.

"I talked to Mordin, he gave me some pills for you, says you should take them before the meal…" He placed the small plastic pack of pills on the table before her, "You need to eat something, dear. You are exhausted."

"Kheela, don`t speak about the meal!" Tali covered her head with second pillow hoping it deafens his speech, "I`ll vomit… again." *cough*

It has been second day since miss Vas Normandy caught this infection – well not quite the infection, it started after their last… sharing as Tali called love making, but it was not like any other side effects she ever encountered – not even close! Sick Tali was hard to deal with - even she herself knew that, but Tag would not leave her anyways, he knew she liked when he cared for her.

Shepard placed his hand on her shoulder, it felt like he touched the working oven!

"Honey, you are hot! The temperature is rising fast." He took the pillow off her face, seeing her visor completely fogged. Tagren was not a miracle doctor like Mordin, but he was a soldier and had medical training - he knew what to do to ease the fever fast. Shepard`s palm shined cyan and the next moment Dark Energy cleared the visor, revealing Tali`s eyes. "Let me help, just relax…"

Tag closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and concentrating – the room shined with all shades of blue and purple, sending vivid shadows over the walls when the Dark Energy flowed through his hands penetrating under the suit and covering young Quarian`s body like a second skin.

"Ayahhh… Cold!" Her body trembled like being shocked by electricity, she even tried to push his hands away but Shepard resisted. "It`s cold, Tag! St-stop it!"

"Shhhh-shhh…" He whispered into her ear, while his hands were slowly moving around her body beneath the blankets, "We need to lower that temperature, that`s why you feel cold and not because my touch… How do you feel now?"

"A… A little better, soothing…" Tali sighed with relief, coughing, she was still shaking, but not as strongly as before – Dark Energy gave her body strength, it smoothed the pain, it pierced her entire body with pleasant chills casting out fever and bringing comfort and relaxation. So she was lying there, purring like a kitten while Tag was waving his shing hands over her.

After a few minutes of this so called therapy the fever slowly started to let her go, her breath became smoother, her coughs stopped. It was a temporary effect, but still she was very much grateful for this breather!

"Ahhhh… Much better!" She exhaled smiling under her mask: the body ached from the fever, the exhausted muscles refused to work, but still it was a great relief comparing to what was before! "T-thank you…"

"Now when the temperature is out you can eat, you really need to dear!" Tag shook his numbed hands and then grabbed quarian with all the blankets she wrapped herself into and helped her seat in the bed.

"Sorry I grumped at you…" She coughed again, swallowing hardly.

"Oh, it`s okay, that`s a defense mechanism, I remember!" Tag grinned, making Tali frown, but he was right. Shepard gave her a few blue pills and the glass of water. "Now take this…"

Tali held her breath and then took off visor, when Tag saw her sweaty face he understood she was very weak and exhausted. The strong shiver run through quarian`s body when she made a few sips to swallow the medicine, the warm water felt like an ice cocktail after that fever attack.
Shepard grinned, watching her smile and wink before she put the visor back, hiding her beautiful face from him again.

"Now you need to eat."

"I don`t want to!" Quarian pouted, trying to hide her head in the cocoon of blankets too, "I feel sick…"

"Dear, you need ot..."

"No way!" She hid her head completely and even took the pillow to cover it as a second helmet. In this furry warm bastion she felt safe! "I have a head ache!"

"Oh, I know what will raise your mood, my dear!" Tag grinned widely, taking the remote controller and switching the huge TV that he recently installed on, "That always made me eat things no matter how much I hate them, mom used to do that when I was a kid! The TV!"

After a few minutes Tagren finally found the needed movie and then pressed PLAY II > then ripped the pillow from Tali`s weak hands.

"You`ve got to be kidding me…" Tali looked at him sarcastically, wrapping herself tighter into her warm soft cocoon. "Fleet and Flotilla? Again?! Kheela, I don`t want to watch this turian-quarian love for the 100`th time!"

She coughed again, making her visor foggy – Tag barely held his smile. Another touch of the Biotics and she could see clear once more.

"Don`t you have anything else to watch?" She asked cranky shaking her head while Shepard was dimming the light.

"Only the porn, sorry dear!" Tag laughed sitting next to her and hugging the young quarian, "We can watch Venia if you wish though! There are asari there and…"

"Shut up pervert!" Tali picked his nose playfully, moving closer and leaning to his side, "One more word and you`ll be sleeping on the couch!"

"Oh, don`t threaten me, I`ll not be alone - I still have that breeding request from some hot Krogan cheeck on Tuchanka if you remember..."

The entire room echoed with Tali`s laughter; Shepard`s soul sang when her helmed head laid on his shoulder – a few minutes ago Tali was not able to raise a hand, and now she is joking and laughing! He made it, he actually made it!

"You ass, Shepard!" Tali giggled, feeling how Tag`s hand tickles her side, "Kheela, of all the men this galaxy could offer I got the damn comediant!"

"Here, drink this…" He reached the small thermos on the table and summoned it, "That`s some sort of soup as far as I understood, Mordin says it`s very nutritious and filling. Oh, come oooooon, for me! Please?!"

*Sigh* "Fine, you sadist… I hope you are happy now!"

"Oh, don`t worry – I have ten canisters of that delicacy!"

"I hate you…"

Tali took the metal can and opened it, putting the small pipe to her ingesting vent. The liquid was hot and spicy, and it left a very pleasant warm feeling inside… Tali mostly ate the same fluid meal when she was outside Flotilla, but this time that sup felt especially well!

"Hmm… Not bad!" She purred, pressing her side tighter to Shepard`s and watching the movie begins. "Just promise not to cry at the kissing scene again, alright?!"

"I can`t help it!" Tag sniffed, twisting the already prepared napkin between his fingers. "That`s just too beautiful!"

"Big wet sissy…" Tali chuckled again, but the most wonderful thing was that she did not cough once for the last three minutes when before she could not hold even for ten seconds!

"You know… Mordin said that this is a good sign!" Tag pressed his lips to her helm, it was not the actual kiss but still she felt it. "He says that your body struggles, that it is fighting the hostile microbes…"

"So what?" Tali sucked the last drops and put the empty thermos on the table near the bed.

"That means you are adopting!" Shepard took her "chin" and raised Tali`s helm to see her eyes, his face shined with happiness. "Soon, very soon…"

"Kheela…!" Tali dropped her head on his shoulder, sobbing – her eyes filled with hot tears, but this time it was not from pain or sickness – it was happy tears. She did not say anything, and neither she needed to – Tag felt everything, and he knew how happy she was at the moment – it was a victory, a small but very meaningful victory for them!

"Hey, shh!" He pushed her lightly, pointing at the TV, "That`s my favorite scene!"

Tali chuckled as well, her hands slipped from the cocoon and twisted around his neck; now she was even glad to have that fever – for it was the beginning of something beautiful: like the pain that gave a new life to the child – it was a small price to pay!

"Hey…" She whispered, poking Tag, "Can I have more of that soup please?"

Well the blame for this story is all on the :iconamrrr: with his [link] After I saw this picture I could not help but write the story! :la:

It`s completely spoiler free and is about a small issue between my Shepard and Tali, I hope you like it. :-)
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Rama-Kay Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Poor, poor Tali :iconcryforeverplz:

What a nice piece!
DOWModder Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, totally worth it! :rofl:

Thnaks, Ima glad you like the story, one of my own favorites! :aww: I adore writing some fluff stuff! :D
Rama-Kay Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
LOL :XD: and yes, that was adorable :XD:
femshepheartz Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
D'awww how cute =D lovely story!
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks! :highfive: Tali is sooolovely lass, I really adore her! :huggle: Thank you for your kind words and the watch, I`m lattred! :-)
bumbleswipe Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is the best shot story i have ever read it hart warming and any tali fan should love this amazing work my friend
DOWModder Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :bow: I`m humbled by your kind words, they are very much appreciated. :hug: Glad I could write something warm and fuzzy for a change. :-)
bumbleswipe Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you are very welcome keep up the good work my friend
DOWModder Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
mrshepN7 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well written, although I dont like the name Tag. Anyway, it 's 8.75/10. Good job man
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