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Somwhere in space, Normandy, evening, cargo hold:

"So? Are you ready yet, Sih… Shepard?" Thane closed his double lidded eyes, taking a deep breath and habitually whispering some prayers to Amon Kira.

Though the upcoming event could hardly be classified as 'hunt' but as known old habits die hard… Without opening his eyes drell slowly stood forward, raising his scaly hands like following some exotic dance, his fingers moved so slowly and carefully, like he was holding and caressing the fragile waist of his dance partner: another silent step followed by another slow elegant winding. Even the air around him didn`t move – not a wave, not a sound, nothing… Thane was a stillness and silence in carnet at this moment, just as the death itself.

When his last exercise was finally over the drell opened his eye, feeling the lightness in his chest and pleasant flow of energy pulsing in his veins – this respiratory gymnastics he learned a few months ago was something truly amazing… It allowed him to breath fully, deeply, and enjoy every single 'drop' mof this cold but still very sweet space air...

What an interesting twist of fate – he had taken this contract on Illum to die there, but instead he met the woman who changed his life, changed him: Shepard was more than any person he ever encountered: she gave him the life, the new life, she opened his ever dark eyes, made him see, feel, embrace the universe around him – she made him live, made him want to live and thus struggle for it!

The ripping noise caught assassin`s attention, he opened his eyes and looked at the only one person beside him at the massive cargo hold… The dim lightning and grey steel walls and containers made it look very empty, though it was filled almost fully with various stuff from weapon and ammunition parts to the food and oxygen canisters.

Thane caught Jane`s sly smirk while she was slowly bandaging her left wrist with some white tape. The drell narrowed his eyes, seeing some weird massive gloves on her fists, those were evidently made of some soft material, giving how easily she could move her palms in them and as far as he could judge covered with leather… pink for some reason.

"Ready for the night of fun and pain?" She teased him, slamming the massive soft 'knuckles' into each other and making loud echo.

Jane Shepard was wearing the tight black linen T-shirt and loosen black shorts, her hair was – as often – carefully braided on her nape not to distract the owner in the fighting: this outfit could hardly be called pretty or at least fair to middling, but even in this clothes she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen…

"Your looks is breath-taking, Jane!" Thane smiled to her warmly.

"Oh no!" She laughed, "We don`t need that! Breathe deeply and smoothly, green toady, you hear me?"

Shepard threw off her sport bag and then stepped closer to him, still slowly punching her gloved fists together. The sly smirk played on her arched lips, her eyes… oh they were captivating! Thane smiled again, mentally thanking his perfect memory – now when he saw her face like this he could rewrite this memory and relive this wonderful moment again and again!

"So those accessories are some traditional equipment for this ancient martial art of your people I presume? I confess I`m intreeged by what you told me about it. What was the name?"

"It`s boxing!" Jane crunched her neck, stretching the joints. "You`ll like it... or most likely hate it!"

Thane frowned.

"I can hardly picture the small brown cases made of cardboard being used for fighting…"

Jane burst laughed and a second later Thane joined her.

"Looks like someone finally grew the sense of humor?  You`ve been waiting to say that, confess, lizard!"

"Maybe a little…" Thane smirked and then bowed to her respectfully. "Shall we begin, Siha?"

Infuriated by the fact Thane used this annoying nick-name for her again, and giving his perfect memory Jane didn`t doubt he did it on purpose, she moved forward and with mighty single shot stroke him down.

Krios didn`t expect that – he knew many martial styles and many times had to engage skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat but this… He never expected such a blindingly fast and still powerful blow, not to mention he suddenly realized that the glove that just hit him was not so much soft as he thought before…

The muscular memory didn`t fail the assassin and as soon as his back hit the floor Thane crouched left and elegantly leaped back on his feet. Barely had he raised his defense when three new fast and very strong hits slammed on him: the first two were parried, the third one hit right between Thane`s eyes, making the drell fall back once again.

Using both his natural flexibility and his Biotics the assassin flipped back and force pushed the opponent, distracting her for a few seconds he needed to come back to his senses and chose another style since the previous one was ineffective to put it lightly.

Jane crossed her gloved hands on her chest and withstood the push, though her gumshoes made an awful squeaking noise on the flat metal floor.

"Get back here, lizard!!" She screamed, her left hand flashed with Biotics and the next moment Thane was gripped and dragged to her: no matter how hard he tried she was still stronger – both as a Biotic and as a fighter it seemed!

She never used her legs or her elbows or anything except her fists – just hitting and evading, hitting and stepping back or left, just hitting and nothing more. Right-left-right, duck and again and nothing more, but how quickly, how surely and how accurately!

Her hands whistled in the air like the bullets, it seemed so easy, and still so effective! Jane kept the mild distance – not too close, not too far and hitting him with all the strength she had… giving which her staminia mush have been great indeed!

The next round ended with especially mighty swing that almost knocked Thane out cold, he stumbled a few steps back, raising his hand and signing her to stop the fight. He needed to slear his mind and catch breath.

"Impressive…!" The drell sighed heavily, touching his jaw to ensure it was not broken… "What is this style?"

"The Boxer-Puncher!" Jane answered proudly shaping her heir with the gloved hand – it was mostly to flirt of course, "Doubt that this will explain anything to you! Get your scaly ass back here before my hands get cool, Krios!"

The drell attacked first this time, before Jane could hit him again he ducked and parried the next two hits: knowing the third one would break his defense the assassin simply dodged it and the next second rolled over his left leg, attempting to hit Shepard with right one.

The plan worked: Jane was caught by surprise, and though she still managed to hide behind her hands and even from a barrier the impact of the hit was most unpleasant. The feeling was like she was hit by the electricity; she stood her ground though but because of the painful hit she could not attack again, instead she stepped back and channeled all her power on the front barrier, so when Thane tried to his her again his fists bounced off from the shining wall of dark energy.

"Alt`hate Na Vas!" he whispered under his breath, shaking his hands. It took a second for drell to collect and then launch the warp sphere at the opponent, making sure her barrier won`t stand in his way… literally. Jane however foresaw that and before the shining blue ball hit her she collected her energy and turned into the blue shining lightning, flying on the light speed and evading the lightning.

Thane was slammed on the floor again, he had no chance to withstand her charge – nobody had. So he was lying on the cold steel floor, pressed by the weight of a woman sitting on his chest and holding both of his hands with her gloved palms. Jane smiled seductively and then lowered her head and kissed him… She loved kissing Thane when he was defeated, defeated by her! Just as much as Thane himself loved it! ;-)

"Knock down, Krios!" She teased him, smiling seductively, "The rules are: on the count of ten you`ll lose and I`ll win… One…"

It was not over, she wanted more – Thane could see it in her shining blue eyes: Jane wanted challenge, she desired struggle, more even than she desired him right now!


'No way to escape: she holds tight… Maybe a knee punch to the back… no can cause damage…'

His thoughts are like hurricane – mixed, chaotic, wild – never had he experienced that before: his mind was always cold and still, like the machine – work on instinct, react sharply, never think or doubt – the doubt is weakness and a distraction!


'Her voice… so soft! The small drops of sweat slowly slide down her neck, some of her hair had gone lose, they are wet… Her breath is so hot against my neck… No, must not digress… Break free, break free… But her eyes… Her skin glitters in the lights... Her tattoos are so beautiful... Can`t think…!'


'No! Must concentrate! She wants me to! She needs me to struggle, to fight, to survive!'

"Already five, Krios…"

'Her voice is like silk… Arashu, Goddess of the Ocean, why can`t I fight her? Her breath burns like fire...'


'No! I won`t lose! I won`t let you down, Jane! I WON`T STOP FIGHTING! I won`t stop struggling for my life, for you, for our love! NEVER!'

It was the moment of great strength, like the very energy flew through his body, like the very life started to return to him – to feed him, to make him stronger! For her! For Shepard!

With loud howl he threw her off him, like she was a tiny light feather. Before Jane knew it she was grabbed into strong lock and then pressed to the nearby container, no, not pressed – nailed by Thane`s surprisingly mighty grasp. His scaled fingers held her like steel claws, his dark eyes looked at her with cunning determination, his power was… amazing! That is what Thane Krios was when he was young and healthy, that fearsome and unstoppable force could withstand anything, defeat anything, conquer anything… anyone! She gave him that, that second breath, the second life!

"Never…" He whispered into her ear before covering it with gentle kiss. "I shall never give up… As long as you are with me I will strike, I will fight, I will… For you, Jane!"

Still holding her tight Thane raised his head and looked her in the eye, and saw tears there – the tears of happiness! She understood, she understood everything he said exactly as he wanted her to!

"I know!" Jane was surprisingly soft, her voice changed, her face changed, Thane saw a new Jane Shepard before him – the happy one, the loved one, the loving one! "I love you, my green skin!"

He let her go and the next second Jane rushed to him, devouring his green scaly lips with her own, sobbing of happiness and waving her still gloved hands around his cold lizard neck… She was so happy now, so happy!

Yan, this is a surprise to make you smile, my friend! :hug: I had this idea for about a week and finally decided to write it down. I hope you like it! :tighthug:

I`m going to run and hide now, please tell me when to get from under the table! Jane please don`t kill me for making you cry in the end, it won`t happen again, I promise!! :iconscaredplz:

Jane Shepard belongs to :iconsavvid: for the unlucky ones who soesn`t know who she is, she is a Vanguard and Paragade (Renegae mostly) with no fear, flaw or conscience... ;-)

Everything else belongs to Bioware. (Thanks guys! :handshake:)
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Savvid Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I can't even!!!! MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS REEEEN!!!!! This is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la: :la: :la: :la: Praise thy Lord fo D's review cause all i can is squeeeeee!!!! :squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee: YOU DEVIL!!!!! :glomp: Why are yo so far awaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! :noes: thank you SO SO SO muc for this surprise!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE IT REN MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!!! :la: :la: :la: :la: You are a genius the whole concept its just!!!! Jane my girl he made you a boxer as meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la: :la: :la: What can I say what can i say Ren this is epic!!!! EPIC I TELL YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YO SO MUCH thank you for this gift!!!! :squee::squee::squee::squee::squee: You capture their relationship so AWESOMELY!!!! No need to say anything for Jane you write as if she is your own 'child' My gods Ren this was so fun ans emotional to read!!! Jane loves Thane so much even if she has an entire different way to show it!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwww I am gonna download it ot read it again and again and again Thank you SO much SO much Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
DOWModder Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hah, well, I certainly heard some distant echo... :XD:

I`m glad you like it! I know you are a boxer and I respect boxers, this sport is fascinatin - if it didn`t require getting hit on the head too much I`d definitely engaged! ;-)

This idea hit me - literally - when I was on my training in Gym, there we have a boxing pear which I like to practise on between excersises, and then I had a thought - why not write a story about boxing for Yan, she likes boxing and Jane fits for the role of a puncher just fine. So I had made some research and then wrote this! :D

Writing about Jane is a pure pleasure - she is rough, but still funny and thus I can find a key to her character, and yes, Thane and his sickness and their relationships... As always you saw everything I wanted to show, dear! :hug: You deserve nothing but the best, dear, and I`m truly happy you like it! :tighthug:
Savvid Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DOWModder Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ouch... :XD:
remedypain Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
MY.GODDESS.ARASHU!!!!! REN????!!!! :wow:

hahahahahaahahah you'll give Yan a seizure of squealing and happiness BELIEVE ME!!! THAT WAS SO AAAAAWESOME MY FRIEND!!!!!!!

BOXING!!!!! =D Jaaaaane, but why all think of you as a boxer!!!! :XD: hiihihihihi :giggle:

First of all the main 'theme' of this, is so beautiful Ren, you chose it wise my dear! Thane wants to be alive for Jane and he is fighting - - literally!!! :giggle: His emotions and his struggling... You present everything so elegant and 'aerial' Ren, so - - Thanish!!! ;) And this is a success!!! Especially the last part when Jane is counting!! This is breathtaking because so many thoughts are running through his mind and not only thoughts but mostly emotions!! All this 'chaos' you wrote it down very vividly!!! :hug:
On the 'practical matter' well... what can i say that i haven't already?!! Your 'tactical-fighting' style???? ITs always perfect and you know it!! :) Like we were watching them!!! You write for Jane as if it's your character - I think you fell in love like I did with her hahahahaahah :laughing: Just jokin... :) I love the part where she told Thane to keep his voice 'down' :XD: Don't use cunning ways to bring down Shepard, Krios!!! :giggle: Its a beautiful add on my friend - its just beautiful!!! Yanna will LOVE it I assure you!!!! :hug:
DOWModder Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You think so? Thank you for the wonderful review and the support, D! :hug: I know Yanna is a boxer, so I wanted to write her something especially for her, something she`d feel she belongs to.

D, I have tried my best on his emotions, and I really hope Yanna would like it! :D And as for fighting - well I like fighting, and I admire boxing and the boxers... in my gym I have the boxing pear and I love to punch it between excercises! :XD:

Thank you again, dear! You have no idea how much your kind words means to me! :tighthug: You girls are angels, both of you! :tighthug:
remedypain Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Its only the truth!! =D :hug: :heart:
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