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"Is… is there no other way?" Valena asked standing in front of mighty Arishok, the leader of qunari who was almost twice her height. Although she knew there were no variants left: the only thing that could convince qunari leave peacefully was now farther and farther away from here with each passing minute.

This story will not end without bloodshed, she knew it.

"The relic we came here for was stolen from us again, the last attempt to retrieve it peacefully was ruined by you, saribas!" Arishok swiped his huge bloody axe and spattered Valena with viscous dark-red glop that once was under someone`s skin, young mage almost chocked on horrible rotten-metallic stench.

'Damn you, Isabella!' She thought, 'Damn you selfish gucky bitch! These men`s blood is on your hands!'

She took a look on scared citizens around her as they watched her with beg in their eyes… What an irony – she, the apostate mage was their only hope here, in city where people with magical gift were treated worse than trash!

With corner of her eye she mentioned Varric, on her left with his crossbow armed and ready: brave dwarf stood still and silent with no fear as his gloved fingers hugged habitual wooden frame of "Byanka". Valena also knew that Fenris was watching her back, and Aveline covered her from the right, even if she could not see warrior-maiden she heard her heavy tense breath behind – well not surprising giving she had been a living shield for them all the way here. As mage and healer Valena felt her tire but nevertheless she knew she could always count on her shield and sword when necessary…

'Isabella… Why did you do this?'

Heavy sound of qunari sigh returned her mind to reality. Arishok raised his hand in "heads-up" gesture, one move and all his warriors will attack. About twenty spear-throwers, two mages, two dozens melee warriors plus Arishok himself – not fair odds against four exhausted people, not to mention that any massive attack will inevitably end in massacre of helpless civilians desperately hugging side walls of the keep hall.

"There is only one way to settle this then!" She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, magic energy winded around her causing qunari warriors roar in anger but they did not dare attack without order.

"I …!"

She couldn`t finish – since the next second she heard one of the Qunari falling into the room like a helpless blind kitten: with usual elegancy and certain dose of arrogant overconfidence Isabella entered the hall, shaking her hips like it was a beauty contest – not bloody massacre!

She held the VERY thick book at her side, moving through the complete awe and numbness of the silent scene she caused, followed by a few dozen pairs of round eyes. It took suffocating call for Hawke to realize she even held her breath!
The only person who somehow remained as he should was Arishok, though even he was surprised… to put it lightly!

"Here!" The pirate gave him the tome, by the relief on her face Valena understood how heavy it was for her – in both meanings of the word! "I`m sure you`ll find it mostly undamaged!"

Arishok`s hands trembled when he reached for the precious relic, as his clawed fingers grasped its old creaky binding the entire hall echoed his sight of relief – it could be compared to someone lived all his life in the sewers, and then he could breath in deeply fresh mountain air!

"I…" Valena pinched herself to be sure, "I can`t believe this is you… You have returned?!"

Isabella granted her with VERY moody sight, but her lips arched in sly smirk.

"This is all YOUR damned influence, Hawke! Hell, you`ve just ruined my life, you know that, snow-white?!"

The cold creaky voice of the Qunari leader returned them both to reality.

"The Relic is reclaimed!" Valena noticed that he already gave the book to someone, but she didn`t see or care, she felt great relief, damn – she merely tried to challenge this guy for a duel, hah – foolish thought! "Now, I can return to the Par Vollen… with the thief!"

His last words made all people`s jaws fell off – no one expected this!

"WHAT?!" all the five voices shouted at once.

"You know we do not suffer theft, Hawke!" Qunari leader narrowed his demonic eyes, Valena instinctively moved t the left, covering her friend and Isabella just as instinctively stepped back. "I can`t let her walk freely from this insult!"
The thought Hawke counted foolish just a moment ago already didn`t look so much foolish…

"I won`t give her to you!" Valena lost the last drops of her patience: her eyes shined with magic and her voice trembled of the immense energy her body held, "Take your (she barely held "damned" - not to make thing worse!) book and go, you have what you wanted!"

The qunari sighed heavily, like the old mentor who even after many years couldn`t teach his apprentice – he was disappointed, disappointed damn it!

'This halla-headed mutant dares mocking me!!' Hawke`s teeth crunched with fury, her beautiful face shaped into sign "Run for your life!".

"Even now you do not understand, Hawke!" He took his mighty axe off and flourished it with such ease, like it was made of air. It was already a challenge, or at least Valena thought it was… She pushed Isabella back and stepped forward, her sweaty palm already grasped her good old stranded staff.

"ENOUGH!" her loud shout cut through the hall like lightning through dark night sky, the very air around her shined with magic; all the nobility groaned or even yelled with surprise and fear - none had even the faintest idea that Lady Hawke, the respected noblewoman, was a mage.

"I`m have had enough of this petty sham!" Her left palm flourished with bright blue fire, blooming like a beautiful elegant flower – deadly, but beautiful… just as Valena herself! "I have tolerated you here, I did my best to keep the peace, but this is too far! You come here on our land, kill our people, insult our faith! GET OUT OF MY CITY, you arrogant blindmen, or Maker be my witness I`ll send your remains back to Par Volen in the match box!!"

Those words echoed through building so loudly that they could reach coasts of Ferelden it seemed. Complete and deep silence covered hall after her words, even ever-calmed Arishok was surprised if not say more.

"Those are only empty threats of a beaten female!" The old qunari responded, "The Qun demands this pigpen cleansed, and so shall it be!"

Knowing this was a good set up, Hawked decided to finish her … improvised bravado more or less good!

"You echo other`s words, and as echo they lack strength! But no matter your might you fear, I can see it in your eyes!"

This was already the real incursion!

"I challenge you, Arishok!" She shouted again "Here in front of all your warriors!"
She flourished her staff and stabbed it deep into stone floor, mighty shockwave made even strongest warriors tremble some even fell off their feet.

"You and me – to the death, here and now! If your foul teaching will flourish here, I`d rather die not to see this!"

She almost saw a smirk on Arishok`s face – her speech definitely had certain effect!

"You are brave, Hawke! But you know no honor!"

Valena laughed with very loud and VERY strange laughter that echoed through entire keep, it was like a howl of a injured animal – demonic, frightening… some noblewomen even fell unconscious! The echo made that demonic laughter even more fearsome.

"You! You dare tell me about honor?!" She looked back on the captives, "You, who captured those poor people and threaten them? You, who attacked the city that was your home for three years without warning? You who killed the defenseless old man who meant you no harm?!"

Valena`s lips arched into some twisted mockery on smile – it was beautiful, but evil, frightening, mean.

"You would never know honor even if it would kick you in your ass!" Valena threw the luxury silver strand from her face and narrowed her eyes. "Refuse and leave as coward, accept my call and at least die as a brave man!"

Another deep silence swallowed the keep, no one expected such a speech – even Varric felt a bit jealous. But it did help – made Arishok angry at least!

"You speak openly, as one of my people!" The old qunari lowered his hand and stepped forward taking his weapons, "You do understand after all, saribas! … I will honor you with duel, and I will lead you to Qun!"

"Hah, you will try...!"

With no more words he rushed forward and hit her: Valena could never think such huge creature can move so quickly, within two seconds Arishok charged her and smashed mage with both of his blades. The force of impact was so strong that it crackled stone floor under…

But when dust lulled everyone dropped their jaws as they saw no sign of Valena – at all! No blood stains, no … nothing, only large crater of impact. Arishok took his weapons out and watched inside with uncertainty.

But suddenly earth beneath him started trembling, like small earth shake. A second later Valena appared from nothingness right behind qunari leader, weaving dark mysty cloud around her.

"Burn, devil!" She grabbed fireball and threw at Arishok, qunari leaped to the left and dodged it, and he rushed to the young woman again, his blades singed with bloodlust! But should he look in her eyes his brain was fettered with sharp chains of terror.

"Fear me, demon!" Valena`s voice waved through the room once again, almost deafening everyone on its way. The dark magic pierced Arishok`s mind, he desperately grasped his horned head like trying to hold it together and screaming of terror.

The next second he felt sizzling snap of fire and then the stabbing blue arrow plunged into his chest, making qunari leader fell on his knees: as a Healer Hawke was very strong at spiritual spells.

Valena stood back and shook her palms from the aftershock: producing two opposite spells almost at once was… difficult and tiresome. But as unlikely as it`d seem Arishok raised again: his chest was deeply injured and dark-red blood whiffed down his legs, sheding large drops on the stone floor. But still he stood up, his eyes were filled with fury – and Valena suddenly realized this fight was far from over!

Even if he was bleeding the only thing she did for the moment was making him angry!
With a roar of incensed beast old warrior rushed forward and his blades merely cleaved the girl in two, she barely managed to block them. As any mage she knew basic means of self-defense – and the Force Dome was one of them, and though she could hold this transparent "bubble" only for so long, she was completely safe for that moments – Arishok`s hits simply bounced off, making him howl with fury hitting the "air" around her!

When the dome fell off, she touched her forehead concentrating, and before qunari knew he was thrown away with mighty Mind Blast.

Everyone was looking on that fight in amazement: the nobles, who never expected one of their own being a mage in the first place, the qunari who roared with anger every time their leader failed to kill that thin fragile female in so unaccustomed for them robes, and Hawke`s companions – who never expected that always calm and polite lass to be THAT powerful! Fenris felt reverence creeps all over his Lyrium marked body – this was a marvelous sight, even Danarius wasn`t so strong and skilled, not without using blood magic anyways!

Arishok stood back, feeling his strength fainting away along with blood he was losing, he smashed off the next fireball with his axe and reached for his pocket for the medicine. But as soon as Valena saw the bottle her left palm formed grasp, the next moment glass fial in Arishok`s hand blew up, flowing the dark-blue remedy on the floor.

"No chance, you monster!"

The fury roar of an old warrior merely threw her off her feet, it was so loud that Valena even couldn`t hear for a few moments! His eyes burned with rage and bloodlust, Arishok then charged Valena again hoping to throw her on ground and then stab, but Valena smashed the floor beneath her feet with the pummel of her staff and teleported again, Arishok`s sharp blades cleaved the air once more.

Then another surprise attack hit him from behind: Hawke was amazed by how durable and strong this Arishok was - she hit him constantly and he still would not give up: he would fall but raise again and again, whether his armor was somehow enchanted to withstand the magic or... she didn`t even want to think of other option!

Valena had felt that she runs out of mana, and though she was abviously winning the fight young mage understood that if she`d lose all her energy she would never come out of this combat alive!

Another mighty swing fell on her, Valena screamed but she did form the barrier to stop the hit - just in time, another second and this hall would be all red of her blood.

"Is that all you have?" She threw the qunari leader off, feeling such tiredness, like she did it with her own hands and not magic. Her hands were shaking, her lungs burning, her spells... weakening - this fight needed to stop soon!

While the horned giant recopvered Valena closed her eyes and breathed deeply; her staff fell on the floor, her palms turned to the stone walls, like reaching for them. The next moment rocks started to crack from one another and flew to her, like obedient mabari run to his master…

When Arishok managed to stand up he saw… he wasn`t sure what he saw – but it definitely wasn`t Valena as he remembered her! Her entire body was covered with stones, the rude rocks tied with one another forming twined stone armor around her: the hands, the legs, the torso – only her head was not covered, and that sight alone was as intimidating as the whole army!

Arishok suddenly realized that magic was much more terrible power that even he imagined.

"Behold, devil! The true power given by the Maker!" Valena smashed her stone fists together, "By His will the very stone would fight you, beast!"

Arishok was the strongest of his people, their leader, the very living proof of the Qun – but even the strongest faith could not help him now… HE attacked again, he simply couldn`t retreat! His axe stroke the cold stone "gauntlet" of the enemy, carving sparks and rock chips out of it, but it was as useful as stab an old oak with curving knife… Valena parried the attack and smashed opponent with her stone fist, hearing unpleasant scrunching sound – at least two ribs were out!

"Face your end, butcher!" Her voice was as cold as the blue shine in her large eyes, her left "arm" shaped into stone shield to block another hit from still alive enemy, while he tried to cut his way through this wall, Hawke`s right "arm" formed the huge maul and with mighty swing smashed the horned giant on the floor.

It was over – the moment Valena saw the thick blood blot on her "mace" she understood that this was not the wound even the Arishok would recover from. She came closer to the dying opponent and looked in his eyes, her sight was cold but not arrogant, she still felt certain regret for this entire mess that ended with this… massacre!

The old warrior raised his already blackening sight to her, forcing his tongue to move and tried to speak.

"One… day… we shall… re… re.. tu..rrrrrrrrnnnn…"

With the last heavy sight he died – his head fell on the stone stairs he stood on a few minutes ago, it was finally over.

Alena sighed too, this entire day was extremely exhausting, but she didn`t show her weakness – not in front of all the other qunari here! She looked on them with cold determination in her eyes and spoke, reinforcing her voice with magic again.
"You all saw what I`m capable of! Remember, that there are hundreds of my brothers and sisters here, leave while you still can!"

Without a single word all the remained qunari came down the stairs and went out of the hall, leaving the keep and the city for good.

And only when the last of them disappeared in the darkness of the night, Valena let her "armor" collapse on the floor… with her as well! She was simply drained of mana – a few more minutes and she`d forced to use her blood to support the charms!

"Hawke!" Isabella was the first to kneel before her, the pirate took her friend by her shoulders helping her to sit.

Valena looked at her and with all the strength she had slapped the wench: the hit wasn`t very painful – mostly because of exhaustion, but still it was… unpleasant.

"Hey, what was that about?!" Isabella wasn`t truly offended, just… surprised.

"This is for that you escaped in the first place!" Valena smiled to her and then suddenly leaned to her friend and hugged her tightly, "And this is for that you came back! Thank you, Isabella!"

"Ow, you fool!" The pirate grasped her in the embrace as well, feeling hot tears sliding down her face on Valena`s shoulder, "You could have died!! Damn you, Hawke, why you have to be so good friend?!"


"The city have been saved!" Exclaimed some of the noble.

Valena barely moved to the crowd, Isabella and Aveline helped her to walk giving support. Hawke saw the faces, heard the joyful shouts, understood that she did it – she saved the city! SHE SAVED THE CITY! Some of the noblemen tried to come and shake her hand or somehow thank their rescuer, but friends signed them to keep their distance, Hawke was very exhausted.

"Where… is my… staff…?" Valena raised her sight and saw it – in the hands of blond haired woman in the threshed battle armor who was standing before her.

Knight-Commander Meredith came closer and gave the "Withe" back to the very pale young woman with unusual white hair, all covered in blood and dirt. The sight was... poor to put it lightly, but still anyone here was ready to kill for this girl!

Valena looked the Templar Leader in the eye, but as strange as it`d seem she saw no hatred or despise in Meredith`s eyes – just… uncertainty! Hawke took it, smiling as her palm laid back on the familiar and dear staff, she then leaned on it for additional support.

"With Maker`s help…" Valena tried to lick her cracked lips, but her tongue was so dry that she simply scratched it, "We`ve won!"

Meredith looked on the crowd, yelling with joy and relief, and then back on the woman that stood before her, Valena even seemed to have seen smile on her face, but her next words made Hawke`s soul sing!

"It appears that Kirkwal has the new Champion!"

Damn i almost forgot that I actually have another Hawke except for my rogue Jason - the mage! And she is a very charismatic gal too! So here it is, my sweet Valena - especially for you! :D

For those who`d say I played on the Easy level - NO FUCKING WAY! I killed this mammoth on Madness with this girl!

For those who`d just read - well, this is my version of that battle, it there would be a cutscene I`d imagine it this way!
I hope you`d like my work, and if you do - please leave your comments, they are very much appreciated! :D
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RPGsrule Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
Sweet Maker Ren! My eyes were glued to my screen the entire way through!
DOWModder Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hah, good to hear! :hug: I`m glad you liked it, though Valena is a healer she is not defenseless! :-) I appreciate you taking tim to read and comment, thank you, Mara! :D
Arvaarad-Atia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well written story with a believable, strong female character that does not happen to be one of those awful Mary Sues I always wish to murder with my own hands. Also, I liked your idea of letting Valena challange the Arishok and not vice versa. A fresh attempt to a scene that I have seen and read often enough to say that I am bored of it.
The dialogue is well written, and Valena's thoughts too. The best line was " This halla-headed mutant dares mocking me!!", it made me laugh for several minutes. :D
My favourite part was the fight between Valena and the Arishok. A very, very well written fight, I consider to read it again. :nod:
DOWModder Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for the awesome review, my friend! :handshake: Well I wanted to make a living character with her feelings and thoughts, plus added a few jokes like that thing with Halla! :XD:

And for the fight - well it is my favorite part in any story, I like combat and mage in DA is truly a very effective and impressive fighter in DA2, so here hwe have: Never taunt the mage! :D

Many thinks for the kind words, my friend! :highfive: It means a lot to me!
PascalunaOriginals Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I love this and I loved this fight with Mara my Mage! Although, she spent more time running around casting slowing spells, and fire balls. *snicker*

Wonderful job Ren what an amazing fight, you write fight scenes so well, I'm envious. I so love Valena she's sweet and tough all mixed into one and what a awesome mix it is suits her so well! :glomp:
DOWModder Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, yes, i like fights! I guess my gender is responcible! ;-)

The only thing is that she is not a blood mage, but still - even the Healer - she can stand her ground to almost anyone, trust me! ;-)

That fight with Arishock was one of the most difficult I ever had, when I learned his tactics and calculated the pattern it was easier, and even the fragile Mage can kill this mammoth with good tactics! ;-)

I`m happy you liked this story, it sure was a challenge and thank God I pulled it through! Once again thank you, Selly! :tighthug:
PascalunaOriginals Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been told I'm good at writing fights, I just get a little too engrossed into it and end up becoming too graphic, at least that's how I feel anyways. lol
:dragonglomp: you're so sweet. :hug:
DOWModder Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Look who`s talking here! :D :tighthug:
PascalunaOriginals Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe, I know, I know. *grin* :glomp:
Gellinjer Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Эй, а я ведь читала! Помню, достал меня курсач - дай, думаю, погляжу, что нового - и проглотила этот рассказ на раз. Как неоднократоно замечено мною, да и остальными читателями, пожалуй, батальные сцены тебе удаются отлично. Наверное, потому, что это не просто последовательность ходов, звон мечей и топоров, а целое блюдо, приправленное внутренними переживаниями героев. Диалог и с собой и с противником - очень интересно!
Вот честно, у меня тоже было желание треснуть Изю, чтоб повадно больше не было. ;)
DOWModder Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ну, что я могу сказать - я тактик! :D Скажи спасибо другу, он меня на стратегии усадил паганец! ;-) Уж что-что, а ткатика в ДА вещь жизненно необходимая... в буквальном смысле!

Я честно был удивлён, насколько маг превосходит остальные классы в ДА2 - ни о каком балансе и речи нет: моя Валена разносит утраивает геноцид толпам быстрее, чем сибирская язва в Генералах (Я уж молчу о Вики - чародейку крови... ух, эта девчонка просто мечта дракулы, Блад Рэйн по сравнению с ней медсестра, берущая кровь из пальца), а ассассин со своими критами вообще превращается в маленькую зону немедленной смерти! А вот воин... да, ни одним печатным словом не опишешь, насколько он им уступает...

А на счёт Изи - ну она сама виновата, помнишь спросила: Неужели тебе не хотелось хоть раз дать мне в щи?

Рад, что тебе нравится рассказ - спамсибо, Саша. Я вот подумываю написать о Вики... надо только сюжет придумать...
Savvid Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When i say that you are a master in combat you are!!!! :worship:
It was so tense and vivid i felt my blood bumping really as if i was playing the battle!!!
Every detail, every hit, every spell, every move ALL PERFECT!!! :la: :la: :la:
The fact that she was talking between the battle made it even more 'alive' and showed how her anger and rage grew stronger, as herself too!
Evil laughters...... :evillaugh: Ooooo how i looooove them!!!! :flirty:
It is always impressive to see a 'calm' person turning into 'devil' when it comes to protect others!
AND of course, i must say that this change in the scene was quite interesting. I mean that you challenge Arishok not he, and that you mocked him and taunted him, GO GO GO Valena!!!! :boogie:

And the reference to Isabella's walking :rofl: hahahaha hilllllarious!!! :lmao:
For last i kept the fact of everyone's surprise of that she is a mage. Although i always found curious that hell people i have a staff in my back!!! :giggle: And of course Merediths reaction.... sweeeeeeet!!! :nod:

Once again a masterpiece my friend!! Honestly! :bow: Don't you dare to stop writing, ever!!! =D :tighthug:
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well first of all yes to the following aspects:
1) Indeed SHE challenged him, but it was made out of despair - if they`d attack all at once it`d be massare, she had to do something to save people.
2) Yes, she taunted him - the easiest way to make someone angry and thus less focused on the battle, rage gives strength and speed (doesn`t matter for battling the mage), but drains accuracy and staminia VERY fast - and this MAATTERS!
3) I like Isabella - she is at least honest about her attitude and... habits, nothing unexpected!
4) Meredith HAD to lay along - after all this girl did what she never managed to, the crowd would tear her apart if she`d try to arrest Valena for being an apostate!

VERY much thank you for this sweet comment, my dear Yanna, I greatly appreciate your feedback- it is very vivid (both the script and the smiles you use! ;-))
And don`t worry - I`ll try to make something new, as always need new ideas! BTW if you have any suggestions or maybe another offer - just say, I`m always opened to new offers! :D

Once again - thank you, Yan for all your support! God bless you, my friend!
remedypain Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:giggle: I think that Yan here covered me too!!!
This is all so lively, I felt I was ready for fight too!!!! :giggle:
I liked the way you put the dialogues inside the battle, this is always giving strength and rythm and raising the scene to its end!! And I always enjoying see 'calm' persons to get angry!!!! :giggle: It has more 'meaning' to me!!!
You show the personality of Isabella SO well!! =D You know me, I like to give to the 'other' NPCs deeper roles, and so you do it too in general in your stories!!! For me it is really important, and i give you credits for that too!!!

Excellent work Rinat!!! :love: As always but as you said to me who is forbiding me to say that again!!! ;) :giggle:
DOWModder Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, D! Awww, come here! :tighthug: Yes indeed I wanter to show the every character more or less well: as I say there is nothing more important than details! And Isabella - she is a VERY interecting character! :D

I`m very happy you like the combat, cause I like that part in anything: my gender is responcible I suppose! ;-) And of course - in every calm and quite person we can see a beast when he or she is driven to the point! Valena is a healer, she cure, preserve, save - but she can also stand her ground to anyone if she or herfriends are threatened!

Taks for a good review, my friend. it really means a lot!
remedypain Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Savvid Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! If any idea hits me i'll let you know!!! :giggle: You are mmmost welcome my friend. :hug:
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Matyrfae Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Bravo!!! *applauds* Well done my friend! :dummy:

OMFG Ren, if I am a master at emotion in my writings than you are a master at combat!!! This is just...BRILLIANT!

Gah it felt like I was watching a movie the way you described the fight, and Valena...SHE KICKS ASS!!!:la:

And the speeches...THE SPEECHES...omfg Valena certainly has a way with words!

Oh I could just gush over this story all day...:D

Amazing story Ren, simply amazing! :glomp:
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well thank God! I actually had (and still have) certain issues with the concept - and posting it was risky, but it`s a relief to hear it turned out well enough!

Valena is both beautiful and deadly - which I tried to show here: the scene with Orana shows her as kind woman, this one reveals her fight side!

Yes, as unlike as it`d seem even Jason died three or four times killing this machine on Hard, but Valena killed that mammoth on the first attempt - and all thanks to the spells I described and MOST OF ALL that armom! Maker - the BEST support skill ever!

And the speech - well she is a smart ass after all! :D
Matyrfae Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well of course Valena triumphed on the first try, MAGIC KICKS ASS!!! :la: heehee
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
One of the first (if not the only one) where mage is stronger tha warrior! :D Thanks for all your praise and support, my dear friend! :hug:
Matyrfae Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
As always, you are more than welcome hun! :glomp:
DOWModder Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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